2014 Attendance Report

Progress Report on Attendance in Oakland Now Available


The Oakland Achieves Partnership brings together community organizations with a deep commitment to public education to share expertise and resources to remove barriers to school success, expand educational opportunities, and help all learners to excel from their earliest years through adulthood.

In this report on attendance in Oakland, we examine data on Oakland’s rates of chronic absence (missing 10 percent of school days or 18 days per year) and its connection to student outcomes.

The report, titled Attending School Every Day: Making Progress and Taking Action in Oakland Schools, highlights the ways schools throughout the city are making sure more kids attend school consistently, and concludes with ways that everyone – students, parents, educators and community members – can play an important role in reducing chronic absence.


Download the Executive Summary
Download Recommendations for Schools and Communities
Download Recommendations for Families Only

*Note: If you have trouble viewing the report in your browser, please right-click and download to your computer and open in Adobe Reader.

What experts in the field are saying about ‘Attending School Every Day’:

“This report highlights the progress that has been made over time in Oakland through district supports and exemplary work in bright spot schools. It is also a call for additional action and stakeholders to get involved to ensure students are in school every day so they can learn, thrive and succeed.”

-Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works

“Improving attendance is the collective responsibility of our entire city – families, youth, school district, public and community-based agencies, businesses and faith-based organizations – all of us working together to make sure our students are in school on time, every day.”

-Curtiss Sarikey, Deputy Chief of Community Schools and Student Services for the Oakland Unified School District

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