2016 Report

Oakland Achieves 4th Annual Public Education Progress Report


For the first time, the Oakland Achieves Public Education Progress Report includes comparable data from all of Oakland’s public schools, district-run and charter. The fourth annual report on student progress in Oakland allows educators, policymakers, and the Oakland Achieves Partnership to track our progress, target our resources, and hold ourselves accountable.

The Oakland Achieves Partnership brings together community organizations with a deep commitment to public education to share expertise and resources to remove barriers to school success, expand educational opportunities, and help all learners to excel from their earliest years through adulthood.


*Note: Chrome users and some others have had trouble viewing the PDF report in their browsers. If the colors and charts are hard to see, please right-click on the link above to download to your computer and then open in Adobe Reader.

The report reviews a full range of data from Oakland’s district-run and charter school  student outcomes from cradle to career. We have added several new indicators since last year, including kindergarten readiness and Financial Aid Form completion.

Now educators, parents, and others can see at a glance how Oakland students and schools are doing. Our goal is that leaders and advocates will use this data to come together and focus energy and investments where they’re needed to make opportunity a reality for every public school student.