About Us

The Oakland Achieves Partnership is a coalition of diverse organizations united in their belief that all children in Oakland deserve a quality K-12 public education. We believe that understanding data can help us be accountable for the success of all students in our community.

Contact: oaklandachieves@gmail.com


We envision an Oakland where students, regardless of background, are served equitably and receive a high quality public education


To share information that inspires action, so that Oakland students have quality public schools


  • Increase community awareness of public school outcomes: Both civic leaders and grassroots stakeholders will have an increased awareness of and capacity to improve the educational outcomes for Oakland students.
  • Inspire Action: The broader Oakland community will be inspired to take action to improve educational outcomes for Oakland’s youth, especially for those who have been historically underserved
  • Increase Transparency: Information about education outcomes for youth will be easy to understand and access.
  • Encourage Data-driven Decision Making: Oakland system leaders will make data driven decisions in service of students.