New Measures, Similar Results (2018)

New Measures, Similar Results: Oakland Public Schools and the New State Dashboard

August 2018: Oakland Achieves releases first report looking at all Oakland public schools according to the new state dashboard.

The data landscape has been shifting dramatically since Oakland Achieves started six years ago. With the launch of the new California School Dashboard in March 2017, we have moved from a focus solely on academics under the former Academic Performance Index (API) to a multi-measure system that blends academic and culture/climate data.
Unfortunately, the new Dashboard and overarching accountability system are not yet fully understood by families, policy makers, and the community as a whole. And while the data landscape has changed significantly, some of the preliminary results we are seeing for Oakland unfortunately have not.

This first of its kind report introduces the new system, provides a snapshot of how Oakland public schools are doing, highlights the inclusion of change in the metrics, and aspires to galvanize action on behalf of children and families.

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